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Gita Vicara Leadership Program 23-24

Updated: Sep 12


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Calendar with Schedule of Sessions

Important Dates & Events

Sat, Sept 30th 12-3 pm - Kickoff & Awards Ceremony
Sat, Dec 16th 12-3 pm- Gamestorming Festival - EcoDharma
Featured Theme - 'Chariots of Fate' Game Release
Sat, Feb 10th 1-3 pm - 'Vision of the Gita' - Purpose & Action

2023-2024 GVLP Program Details

Major Themed Event - 'Chariots of Fate' Game Release

Our Program has 6 Leadership Components this year which will be implemented during our Workshop Sessions and Intensives. Updates to the content below is ongoing! The activities and workshops below will tie into our Major Theme. This is a great opportunity to contribute one's talents in our overarching mission to 'Make a Difference'.

1. Design Thinking Activities

Some Things Never Change

Name Your Poison

Body~Chariot Wall/Floor Games

Draw Your Chariot

Art of Storytelling-Climate Fiction

Which Climate Junkie are You?


Dharma Games

Ecology Table Hacks

Ashvatha~Tree of Life Series

2. Game Play & Chariots of Fate Release

Game Play

Photo Booth

Meditation Madness

Obstacle Course

Art Activity


Fitness Race with Chariot Metaphor

Vision of the Gita & Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Introduction to Freedom / Success / 108 Names

3. Leadership Development

Marketing Leadership Development Program

Gift-A-Game Launch with Booklet

Marketing Leadership Pitch

Work with Community Forums to provide leadership opportunities

Art / Music

4. Community Building

Games for Seva Game Play

Relationships with Outside Forums

Chanting & Meditations

5. Vedic Teachings & Reflections

Vision of the Gita - 10 Essential Verses

Prototype 'Reflection' Book Pages

6. Seva Projects

a. Rewilding Project - A Family Commitment

b. Project Now - GVLP with Rewild Long Island Collaboration

d. Making A Pledge Campaign - Plastics / Fashion

e. Travel with a Purpose

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