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'Somethings Never Change', Exploring The Mahabharata

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A Podcast Series On Universal Emotions


Featured Games: Memory Maya, Dharma Dilemmas, Clash of Dynasties, SpeakUp, Vice2Virtue, MahabharActs

Adult Mentors: , Ankur, Ganga, Jessey, Manish, Pavithra, Srini, Sudha, Trupti, Vijaya

Our first Podcast series digs deep into the universality of human emotions by building a bridging, from the Mahabharata to current times, in a fashion that is authentic, fun, and memorable. The gift of our voices enables us to speak necessary truths, engage in complex discussions, and develop collaborative communication skills. In the process of Team Podcasting, our youth made new connections, built skills of storytelling, script writing, developing conversations and just getting over the fear of audio edits! And we had a tight deadline over our heads! We did it!

In the 'Somethings Never Change~Mahabaratha' podcast, each episode focuses on 3 segments.

Segment 1 elaborates on negative qualities that could destroy one's peace of mind, referring to main characters in the Mahabharata while linking it to emotions that are universal to human experience. The Episode teams make excellent contemporary references to scenarios and values.

Segment 2 shines the spotlight on our featured games, describing basic rules and game play variants. The games connect to universal values, that can be viewed as antidotes to universal negative emotions. Game play creates a safe place to have fun while exploring some tough topics.

Segment 3 allows unique perspectives of individual members to come together in a wonderful discussion. Our teams relate mental wellness to playing games, stressing the importance of non-judgemental settings and the spirit of camaraderie through human interaction.

Episode 1

Mentor(s): Asvin, Japesh Team Members: Mahir, Dylan, Jash, Pranav, Sameer, Jay Sr, Jay Jr

Wonderfully executed, this episode includes anecdotes from various speakers, as well as dynamic conversations that engage the audience. The topic of jealousy is discussed, with members describing its nature, relating it to Drona in the Mahabaratha and current implications. They also discuss Memory Maya and Speak Up games with excellent emotional conviction and storytelling skills.

  • "Jealousy is certainly a feeling that is rather unpleasant, but I think that it can really teach us to overcome obstacles mentally."

  • "Jealousy is a feeling of insecurity caused by a threat to one's image."

  • "Jealousy plays a tremendous role in our daily lives and it also impacts our decisions and relationships."

Episode 2

Mentor(s): Vishranth, Riya Team Members: Manu, Rina, Ankur, Aaria, Krishiv, Adwaith, Rohith, Nitin

In an engaging discussion, members excitedly discuss the character Duryodhana and jealousy, along with tips on getting over this envious green-eyed monster. They hone in on different games and how they encourage a decreased scree-time, highly valuable to our mental wellness. Later on, members consider Speak Up and Memory Maya games, which prioritize working and helping each other.

  • "Take it away... And don't be jealous."

  • "Jealousy is a trait that many people express on a daily basis, even today, whether that be with friends, family, or complete strangers."

  • "Jealousy is a negative quality in which one views another person in a resentful way since they have some quality or item they want."

Episode 3

Mentor(s): Pranati Team Members: Seva, Shreya V, Sophia, Aarthi, Shreya K, Toshan, Vishwa

In an intellectual hub, these members discuss the common intersections between acts of deception and anger portrayed in the Mahabaratha, through characters like Kunti and Karna. With deep discussions on different characters, their actions, and the consequences, an engaging environment elicits a sense of focus in the audience. They also describe Vice to Virtue game, its rules, and valuable analogies.

  • "He wasn't respected in his community when he should have been... because he was actually a prince. "

  • "Deception can cause someone to express their anger in sometimes irrational ways."

  • "Anger has allowed us to mature earlier because as kids we never really held that many grudges towards things."

  • "Deception steps away from the idea of honesty."

Episode 4

Mentor(s): Sahil Team members: Nishanth, Samy, Aari, Sanju, Sanskriti, Adi, Tara

Interestingly, these members have a discussion on the correlation between anger and discrimination. They describe discrimination in society as olive branches weaving their way into the depths of human nature, prompting an interesting point of reflection for audience members. Delving into the idea of negative human emotions and the necessity to discuss them, despite their uncomfortable nature. They discuss Clash of the Dynasties game, its innovative nature, and a connection to anger.

  • "Anger can play a prominent role in society."

  • "Today we learn to clear your mind by doing something soothing."

  • "Anger can be caused by my disagreements with people... or yourself."

  • "Anger causes you to make rash decisions and it is self-destructing... you won't be helpful to contribute to brainstorming."

Episode 5

Mentors: Durva Team Members: Tanishka, Anoushka, Yana, Smera, Aanya, Ashka, Dhanya

In a sweet conversation, these individuals discuss the Mahabaratha, anger, and contemporary implications. The struggle of Duryodhana through a series of unfortunate events is the backdrop. But, offer "anecdotes of anger" as means of self-care for us audience members! This podcast episode used excellent integration skills, with a sense of flow that we are captivated by, entertaining us with the engaging game known as Clash of the Dynasties.

  • "One way I like to play is by playing competitively."

  • "You've never played Apples to Apples?! It's a classic."

  • "Sometimes you need to learn to control your anger, when it's the right time to use it and when it isn't the right time."

  • "Just breath and stay calm, and don't let the anger get to you."

A special shout out to our amazing Mentors once again for making precious time for our Youth and giving the gentle push forward at every step!

Adult Mentors: Ankur, Ganga, Jessey, Manish, Pavithra, Srini, Sudha, Trupti, Vijaya

Photo Credits - Vidya

Comments from Our Listeners

'The Kids got this! Very impressive'

'It was very natural and felt like listening to a conversation'

'They did a great job conversing and integrating each others povs in the discussion. It felt like listening to a conversation, not a strict presentation'

'Very thought provoking…👏🏻👏🏻'

'Mental health is everything'

'I am amazed at the maturity of these kids'

'The information was very thorough'

'Loved how they made the connections between the values and the characters of the Mahabharata'

'I and my daughter are attending for the first time and I am so daughter is 10 years old, I am interested in getting in touch and get her enrolled in all activities...'

'Love these inspirational and life words, we should all relate to these very inspiring life lesson words that was spoken by the youth'

'I am loving this podcast bc it really tell us about real life situations'

'Great job 👏👏 Love the way the discussions flow, very relatable and relevant conversations'

'You brought us to real life situations especially as we can all relate to this during the pandemic'

'These kids are so comfortable discussing such deep topics. It’s amazing

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 speechless is the right word!! witnessing what’s happening to us, mindfulness, is so therapeutic!!'

'I am honored to have had many of these kids in my Vedic 5 class. It’s amazing to know how mature these kids are discussing many life lessons'

'Wonderful job!! Great discussions and insights on real world issues!!'

'The YICG Vedic program is a great Segue for the kids getting into college and adulthood!'

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