Meet the Games for Seva Team

Our Game Studio survives on fluid teams, persistent leadership, accountable developers, and buckets of enthusiasm. Meet our amazing design group that will not give up on the creative potential of our adults and youth!


Chief Game Dreamer


She believes that the modern era requires a much deeper effort in building Communication, Collaboration and Creation skills by youth and adults. This in turn leads to a stronger personal expression and confidence. Dreaming of games gives her great joy as she brings a complex web of values, symbology, stories, and contemporary issues to the tabletop. Her plate is usually overflowing like a giant bowl of spaghetti and it is a miracle that anything actually gets done. 

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Chief Of All Other Stuff


She approaches life with a sense of triviality but certainly takes her roles and responsibilities seriously. Believing that everyone is blessed with a set of talents, she harnesses such gifted potential from everyone in the GFS Factory from the Oompa-Loompas to the Minions. As a co-conspirator at the center of the organization she brings focus and discipline to the decision and creative process with a much needed bushel of humor and fun. Creativity and humor tango together in her



The team that brings our games to life!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase your Games?

Visit us at our store on Gamecrafter - LINK

Can I or my organization participate in Playtesting?

Sure - please contact us for details -

How can my child join your Design & Development program?

We run in-person and virtual workshops and mini-camps through the year focusing on the design thinking, for ages 12-18yrs. Please contact us if you are interested in joining - Also follow us on instagram and facebook to hear about upcoming programs.

How can Young Adults contribute their talents?

Games for Seva gives a unique platform to showcase all kinds of talents and skills. We engage the kids to develop their design thinking, creative writing, art skills while also becoming mentors for yourger kids and improve their leadership roles. Read the profiles of all the talented kids we have and you will get the idea.

Can I make a donation to support Games for Seva?

Certainly all forms of support is welcome - any amount of support is significant Please contact Rathi or Madhu at