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Ecological Living ~ Hacks & Prototypes ~

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Prithvi~Mother Earth Calling - The Design Story

The challenge we set for ourselves this year was to discover a game design process that throws a fresh perspective on bringing many game elements into the design soup. The game elements covered seemingly disparate topics but we were ready to jump into the abyss. We wanted to bring in a very strong theme of Eco Thinking into traditional 'Values' based topics from Indian Heritage texts. Each team had a subset of these elements to work with and amazing creations ensued, after a series of Design Thinking steps, using Sandbox Creativity Methods, 'How Might We' and Idea Brainwriting tools. Lets look at The Challenge & the Design Elements below!

The Game Elements IdeaSpace

- The 10Rs of Ecological Living manifest in Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Regenerate, Repair, Rethink, Renew, Recirculate, Reduce & Rejoice.

- Goals & Obstacles for Climate Change & Ecological transformation. These have been culled from the extensive work done by Project Drawdown Solutions. We added a layer of structure through the lens of Individual, Community and Planetary goals & obstacles.

- Vedic Principles reference the core concepts that weave through Puranas, Itihasas and Upanishads. These principles guide decision making, provide comfort facing difficulties and help create an environment for the long perspective. The longer we soak in the long view womb, the greater the chance of birthing a vision that spans generations.

- Values from the Bhagavad Gita, sprinkled over Chapter 10, 13 & 16. These form the foundation pillars of games like Memory Maya, Vice2Virtue, SpeakUp.

Great sacrifices and deeds are accomplished when these Values are deeply assimilated in our psyche. There is no doubt on their value to us, in our day to day decisions and on the larger stage of where we want to go with our human journey. The spirit of Ecology is imbued with these Values and the time is now to wake up and question where we are going in the Anthropocene Era. Action Now!

- The Body~Chariot Metaphor as a guidepost for living with purpose. This metaphor is explored extensively in the Kathopanishad and is the bedrock for the Bhagavad Gita, the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads. The Charioteer & Rider provide the vision of the human being in pursuit of goals, encountering obstacles, both inner and outer ones, developing a strong sense of discernment through study and meditation, and finally attaining total freedom, in alignment with the highest dharmic principles.

- Saving Amravati-Wisdom Warriors , a collection of Heroes and Heroines from our legends that embody the Values that can be applied to Ecological Living. Stories & persona validate our common experience of searching for noble qualities. Qualities celebrated are those that inspire us to make tough choices, in an era of rampant consumerism. Every quality or value that resonates with our heart is an ecological gem, waiting to manifest in change, transformation and radical renewal. The world needs our Wisdom Warriors.

- The 5 Elements that make up the Universe & our Planet Earth Included. At the highest level of restoration of the planet, we need to embrace the 5 elements as being the source of all creation

- The 5 Poisons/Afflictions that drive our actions & aspirations in life. Maharishi Patanjali's Yoga Sutras presents the panoramic vision of the power of the Kleshas, surviving eons to reach us in their practicality. We live in a hyper technological world, yet propelled by emotions that have existed since the dawn of Man.

- Fatal Flaws that are in sharp play during decisions at personal & institutional levels. We all nurture flaws or afflictions that color choices, drive ambitions and discolor the mirror into our inner world. On the world stage, these flaws are evident at the community and national levels. Bringing the laser light of knowledge to shine on these afflictions allows for honesty to develop. This in turn, through recognition, leads to a greater opening towards making commitments & pledges. There is no escaping the dire need for each individual to make fierce personal commitments that require equally fierce sacrifices to implement.

The Team Challenge - 'How Might We'

The Design Thinking Journey to Prototypes