Aayush on Scrums & Meditations – Reflections at AVG 2017

“I see the river as a metaphor for our lives: We ebb and flow, ebb and flow, and then we are carried out to merge with the sea.” – Jack Poggi.

What a quote. Our lives are constantly changing, right? But we just go a bit forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards. Eventually, we all end up in the exact same spot. No matter how we live, virtuously, militarily, even maliciously, in the end we all flow out to the ocean. In this case, the ocean is death. Whether or not we follow our karmic duty is of no matter when we all flow out. Ebbing and flowing is simply caused by the everyday decisions. I may be a criminal, and my friend next to me may be the Pope Incarnate. But we’re both gonna die, aren’t we? So does it matter? Logically, according to this quote, I should just be living life exactly how I want to everyday, probably not even writing this post. But I believe my religion basically denies this. Follow your class, and you shall achieve “a higher existence.” While I believe otherwise, I also somewhat hope this to be true. Otherwise, why am I even living?

Scrums are a method of thinking, somewhat a group mindset, that makes everyone accountable for their own work. The idea of it is that before each session, we take a brief few minutes at the whiteboard to write down what we’ve done yesterday as well as what we plan to do today as well. Scrums have really helped me force myself to get lots of work done. I basically specialize in the computer aspects of things, primarily in Unity. A huge part of unity is the assets. In GFS, we have some great designers. Assets are not easy to make, nor easy to implement. An asset can have many purposes. It can be purely aesthetic, it can have a moving function, or they can even be sounds. If there’s one thing I’ll never forget about Games for Seva, it’s the team dynamic at the table. We have an equal balance of people. Some who have a good sense of color, some know to code, and some have an incredible attitude. I’ll really miss this when I have to go home. We all work well together, and play well together.

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