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YICG Project~Now for Social & Environmental Outreach in India

Updated: May 11, 2022

Care * Connect * Contribute

YICG Project~Now was born in 2021, as an urgent initiative to get Oxygen Concentrators to India during the full force of the Covid Pandemic. It brought a varied team together, with different skill sets, to share a common purpose of giving back in concrete terms. This was accomplished by taking charge of the entire supply chain of purchasing the OCs right down to end point delivery.

Navneet Agarwal: "Coming back to some numbers. 96 of the 100 units that we shipped made it to end recipients...We felt good about the satsang with all of you in our quest to do good. We want to continue this experience"

Our team mulled over the experience, and decided to continue the concept of Project~Now, with a different time imperative. We felt that with close to 30 years of service in the community, our group shared a very strong desire to build a 'Give Back' program. We wanted to bring our passion and talents to a few initiatives that we could nurture in measured steps.

We decided to focus on 3 initiatives that is rooted in our past commitments, using a few guiding principles - Rural Health, Hygiene & Education, Environmental Regeneration, and Refugee Resettlement.

Project~Now Portfolio
  1. Rural Health, Hygiene & Education - Support Eureka Aid India in providing K-12 education, health, hygiene and vocational training

  2. Environmental Regeneration - Build knowledge base through sharing and blog posts, created by our community members. We will focus on Biodiversity loss, Ecosystem restoration and Climate Change, all interconnected

  3. Refugee Resettlement - Empower women by supporting the good works done by Hemath, an NGO focusing on Kashmiri women in exile

Anantha Desikan: "We want you to be involved in this, so come and talk to us with questions and ideas. We want to start with three initiatives, and we want you to join us. We want your company more than anything. While we explore what we want to do, we think we will settle on a core, and I may use the word, exclusive and cohesive group of people to take our initiative forward."

Project~Now Founding Team: Anantha Desikan, Navneet Agarwal, Madhur Sharma, Sheetal Rishi, Ravi Shah, Sarika Shah, Madhu Allu, Tanuja Reddy & Rathi Raja

Project~Now Events

* May 4, Wed @ RaceHub for Adults, hosted by Manish & Trupti Bahl.

All proceeds to Project~Now

All profits from Game Sales to Project~Now

June 25, Sat @ Online 8:30 AM~ Virtual Tour of Eureka's work in villages

3-5 PM Carbon Footprint Party

Project~Now Portfolio: Know More

About AID India: AID India aims to uplift the downtrodden communities, particularly the marginalized, and create avenues for the poor to escape generational poverty by providing quality education, healthcare, shelter, and sustainable livelihoods. Education programs have been their cornerstone but they have stepped in to address other issues due to natural disasters and more recently due the the covid pandemic. Eureka After School Programs have established learning centers in villages with the goal to provide enhanced learning for children. The learning centers also focus on skill enhancement and provide meals as a reward for attending sessions every day. Two Eureka Schools were established in villages and among marginalized children to provide high quality and affordable education to children from these communities. Eureka Tab Labs Program is an initiative to bring technology closer to children in middle and high schools to help them study better. With technology as an enabler, children can learn Math, English and science with greater understanding of the concepts and gain more practical application on graded apps. The Eureka Homes project was launched in 2016 with a vast network of dedicated volunteers to provide immediate assistance followed by long-term rehabilitation. They have sought to empower marginalized communities throughout Tamil Nadu by providing shelter to people who have been displaced from their homes.

Hemath - When you think of the Kashmir valley you might think of shawls, houseboats, and beautiful landscapes and you would be right but you would miss an important detail — the struggle. The struggle so many Kashmiri Pandits have faced through a painful exodus out of that beautiful valley, forced to make their way in the world. After thirty years, the loss of a homeland, health issues, and poor living conditions have continued to strip so many Kashmiris of their confidence, joy and the foundations that allowed them to thrive — their strength, their HemAth. That’s why we started our organization, to give that HemAth back. We realized that empowering the displaced women of our community could uplift entire families and, in turn, could lead them back to opportunity and rebuilding those foundations.

We, a group of women, formed HemAth to inspire and enable this community of women who represent our mothers, our aunts, our sisters and our daughters — by supporting them through education, upskilling and collaboration we can can increase their chances of reaching their full potential and continue to pass that prosperity forward to future generations.

HemAth team plans to accomplish the mission by providing Kashmiri women means to educate, impart skills to develop Kashmiri crafts, and empower them to uplift their families. Creating a spirit of collaboration will have a substantial impact on community health, nutrition, education, and housing which will contribute to the preservation of our culture and community.

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