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Wisdom Without Borders ~ Powerhouse Toolkit of Games

Updated: May 17, 2022

WWB is a collection of games, embodying values, dharma principles, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabarata, and the true essence of Games for Seva. It serves as a teaching & game play toolkit for youth, teachers, parents, counselors, encouraging collaboration, communication, and creativity while also learning important principles. WWB resonates with a lot of people, serving a twofold opportunity, by sending them to teachers in India as well as local Bal Vihars to teach kids about Indian culture in a fun and enjoyable way.

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Games Showcased in the WWB ToolKit

Wisdom Without Borders Talking Points

Individual Game Talking Points

Memory Maya

-Explores universal values from the Bhagavad Gita

-Thought provoking art from youth’s eye

-Memory Game that connects the Sanskrit to the translation


-Build stories to connect your concept to the universal Value

-Fast paced team game with rules the opposite of Taboo

-Bonus for guessing the Sanskrit word


-Fast paced game of applying universal values to contemporary life

-Debate, Discuss and Decide whose is the best match

-Make your own topics to personalize it

Karma Katch

-Explore Papa and Punya from a young perspective

-Decide whether you want to be an Asura or Deva

-Scenarios leading to debates on which action is better or worse

-Reflect upon laws of Dharma and Karma

Dharma Dilemmas

-Ethical dilemmas in day to day life

-Can be combined with other games to create innovative perspectives

-Debate, Discuss and ponder


-Versatile set that identifies gems of wisdom from the Itihasas

-Has the text section and characters involved

-Can be used for Dharma discussions, Charades, Skits

Hindu Symbology

-Dynamic Matching game that combines Memory abilities

-Art & Text separated for playfulness

-Can be used for Art and Writing prompts


-Symbols to color creatively

-Collages & Posters can be made

-Weave stories around a group of symbols

WWB Play Deck

-Hundreds of possibilities by combining games

-Invent your own game variants

-Explore, reflect and assimilate wisdom for daily living

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