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MahabharActs – Making the Game

The Class of 2016 was tasked with collecting insightful quotations from the Mahabharata for their Senior Seva project. Although we met every week, the assignment hardly felt like a chore, as we were able to spend time with the friends we had grown up with and were soon parting ways with. Overall, this Seva gave us the opportunity to contribute to YICG as well as say goodbye to cherished friends before we left for college. MahabharActs was the result of the Seva work.

Left to right: NJ, Haarika, Tarini, Lavanya, Sandhya, and Ashwin hard at work!

The Mahabharata quotations were eventually used to create playing cards. Using Adobe Illustrator, our Illustrator expert Amita Gandhi Shah developed a template with graphic images on which we wrote the original quotation, a modern interpretation of the quotation, the chapter of the Mahabharata from which the quotation was taken, and the card number in the deck. Mansi and Haarika were responsible for transposing these elements onto the card templates and also for multiple rounds of editing. As the cards were developed, the possibilities for game play variance and card usage continued to grow. After many many hours of editing and play testing, we were finally ready to print our first deck! Check out details here!

Came across this sign while taking a walk through AVG during our work break!


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