Leadership – An Opportunity at Games for Seva

Rathi Raja-Chief Game Dreamer

Leadership is a complex term, overused and understood poorly. Lets break it down and see what twinning threads make up the complex tapestry at YICG Games for Seva. Development of Vedic Games at our Game Lab & Studio is an engineering discipline, encompassing all stages of Design, Development, Prototyping, Production & Marketing. In the spirit of Seva, the guiding principles are Contribution, Compassion and Collaboration. This is accomplished through workshops, mentoring, conferences and the steady drumbeat of persistent effort. It is a learning endeavor, highly cross-disciplinary process, involving various skills. Being part of a game development project, not only provides valuable outcomes for game enthusiasts, but also include many transferable skills that can be used in other contexts. Leadership in this effort involves looking out for the team, making commitments and following through, all life skills.

Our flagship Senior Seva projects have produced ‘MahabharActs’ in 2016 & ‘RamayanActs’ in 2017. These decks can be used in a hundred different fun and educational ways. These wisdom Quote decks can be combined with other dharma topic decks for new possibilities in games. It is also a legacy offered to the community by the graduating classes, in the spirit of Seva.


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