Its A Challenge ~ Are you up to it?

Challenges come in all shapes, sizes and scope! From the sheer difficulty of getting out of bed to making it to school in the morning to grieving the loss of a beloved family member. Can you handle it? One way to start is to see the challenge and guess the kind you could be facing in this game of ‘Guess what’s happening’. And beneath all the laughter and camaraderie, you can value the honesty of acknowledgment that real things happen to real people. The obstacles could be difficult and surmounting them could be a monumental journey.

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Being in a light hearted mode acts like the proverbial vaccine, along with the friendship and understanding of playing games together.

This Challenge set was a true test for Krish Pamnani on Obstacles, Obscurations and Obfuscations!! But he persevered and got each scenario laid out into an amazing visual imagery with words.

Here is the list of obstacles that we worked on, with the Sanskrit names. Clearly these difficulties have been around since the dawn of man!

Obstacles ~ Sanskrit

Despair ~ Daurmanasya

Disease ~ Vyadhi

Distraction ~ Vikshepa

Doubt ~ Samshaya

Erroneous Understanding ~ Bhrānti Darshanam

Inattention ~ Pramāda

Intemperance ~ Avirati

Sorrow ~ Dukha

Laziness of Body & Mind ~ Ālasya

Lack of Mental Acumen ~ Styāna

Lack of Stability ~ Anavasthitatva

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