Aadya on Games for Change NYC 2017 Festival

We could also apply the techniques for business mentioned to the games we already created.

There were so many ideas and creations that we could use in Games for Seva. Obviously, like we did for Swach Ganga, we wouldn’t copy the game directly, but take aspects that we think work best and keep them in our creation also. Things like design, how the game is played, amount of players, how the board is formatted, and whether it could be an online/electronic mobile game. Another aspect was the business. How to get your game noticed by people to test it out, state their opinions, and maybe get a set/copy for free. How to get large companies to notice you, and help you become popular. How to become one of the games that are most played around the world, like Overwatch. (For us, this might come much later, but I am sure that somehow, it will happen).

But personally, I learned that there is so much more to the process than I have done already with the games I am involved in creating. Everything about the product has to be appealing. The cards, the board. And if the game is an electronic/internet game, the animation has to be good, the game has to be entertaining, and the goal of the game has to be motivating.

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