Wisdom Without Borders @ RANA, New York

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Sanjna Kedia with Japesh, Aarya and Diya

Games for Seva is making its way to the community at large, and I’m glad to report the successful crossover between GFS and the RANA(Rajasthan Association of North America) Diwali event. Making original games to help and share with people the joy of fun was truly captured at the RANA event.

Wisdom Without Borders Booth at RANA

 I was lucky to be able to connect with a member from RANA, who was thrilled at having the Wisdom Without Borders(WWB) kit marketed at their event. WWB is a collection of games, embodying values, dharma principles, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabarata, and the true essence of Games for Seva. It serves as a teaching & game play toolkit for youth, teachers, parents, counselors, encouraging collaboration, communication, and creativity while also learning important principles. WWB resonates with a lot of people, serving a twofold opportunity, by sending them to teachers in India as well as local Bal Vihars to teach kids about Indian culture in a fun and enjoyable way.

Diya Shah, Aarya Agarwal, Japesh Shah, Shreya Kedia and I(Sanjna Kedia) formed a roving team handing out flyers, conversing with people one on one, explaining our games. The strategic location of our booth and the amazing members that participated at the RANA event, really brought it to a success. We gained sponsors for over 30 WWB kits, as people were eager to donate money towards efforts of preserving Indian culture for generations to come. It was amazing to see the reception towards our games and message of Games for Seva, and the appreciation of fellow people in our community not just Indian-Americans, but across all ethnicities to spread Hindu culture in such a fun and interactive way. 

Shreya, Sanjna, Diya, Japesh & Araya on stage

It gave us a true world exposure to what it takes to sell anything to an average individual. The chairman mentioned our efforts in his speech and we were even given an opportunity to address the audience and talk about GFS.  Moreover, we were covered by the media and made an appearance on TV Asia. We were highly encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the people and can’t wait for the expansion of GFS into several different communities through events such as this! 

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The Wisdom Without Borders Play Kit is here!

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