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The BIG Game Release - 'Chariots of Fate'

Updated: Jan 19

The Games We Played

Chariots of Fate 



The Ultimate Chariot Challenge" – where ancient wisdom meets modern chaos in a race like no other! Imagine yourself as a fearless charioteer, tackling treacherous obstacles, battling deadly poisons, and seeking enlightenment through meditation, all while wrestling with the relentless forces of Pride, Ignorance, Attachments, Aversions, and the Fear of Death. 

It's a thrilling quest for the sweet taste of freedom! Gather your gang, roll those dice, and brace yourself for an epic adventure filled with strategy, twists, and a quest for Miles. Will you conquer the chariot, or will you be left in the dust? Let the race begin, and may the most cunning charioteer win! 🏇🏁


The Spicy Desi Quiz Show Extravaganza! 🌶️ Are you ready to embark on a hilarious journey of knowledge and chaos? 

Picture this: 3-5 teams competing in a high-stakes battle of wits, all against the clock! In just 7 minutes, you'll dive into the world of "Ecology," ponder the mysteries of the "Body Chariot Analogy," explore "Poisons" (the ones you ingest and the ones you should avoid in life), and unleash your inner "Wisdom Warriors" while pondering life's "Values."

But here's the twist – Magic Masala Cards! These wildcards will have you laughing, crying, and scheming as you navigate questions and sabotage your fellow players. And the currency of the game? Tokens, baby! Collect them, trade them, hoard them – because whoever ends up with the most tokens at the end wins the game and ultimate bragging rights!


Get ready to unleash your inner storyteller with "Kahani: The Climate Fiction Showdown"! In Kahani, we'll have you crafting tales that could make Mother Nature herself sit up and take notes. Can you spin a yarn that leaves everyone in stitches, or will your narrative skills be as unpredictable as the weather? Join the storytelling showdown where every twist and turn takes you closer to the title of Ultimate Climate Fiction Guru! 📜🌍

Trade, strategize, and craft the most captivating climate fiction tales to earn the coveted title of Kahani Champion. So, grab your friends, prepare for narrative mayhem, and let's see who emerges as the ultimate storyteller in this uproarious game that's as unpredictable as the climate itself! 🌪️📚


Get ready to make the most ridiculously hilarious life decisions in "Choices CHOICES" – the game where your fate is decided by a roll of the die, a spin of the spinner, and your questionable life choices! Will you choose the good path and gain karma, or embrace your inner troublemaker and lose it all?

So, gather your friends, prepare for belly-aching laughter, and let your questionable choices pave the way to victory – or at least second or third place, because, in "Choices," nobody said making bad decisions couldn't be a whole lot of fun! 🎲😂

Poison Evasion 

Get ready for a high-energy, toe-tapping frenzy in "Poison Evasion: 4 By 4" – a game that will have you dancing on your toes, dodging poison, and laughing your way to victory! Picture this: a cage of tape surrounds the battlefield, and you and your daring friends step into the squared arena. Each round lasts a mere 5 minutes, but trust us, that's all you need for heart-pounding fun. The goal is simple: avoid becoming the dreaded poison at all costs.

Get ready to jive and switch corners faster than you can say "poison evasion." It's a race against time, and the poison is hopping on one foot, ready to pounce. So, gather your brave comrades, lace up those dancing shoes, and let's see who can outfox the poison in this uproarious game of speedy survival! 💃🕺🎉

Blitz Draw 

Where art meets the absurd and creativity knows no bounds! Imagine this: one brave soul becomes the judge, the game guru who's already survived the BlitzDraw whirlwind. They'll lay down the law and reveal the rules – four words plucked from the wildest corners of creativity, and your mission? Turn them into visual masterpieces with colored pencils and a hefty dose of humor. 

When it comes to judgment day, creativity, symbolism, and Masala Card mastery are the name of the game. So, grab your colored pencils, don that blindfold (if you dare), and get ready for a laughter-infused art adventure. Let the masterpiece mayhem begin! 🎨🤣🏆

Hunt for Seva 

Gear up for the uproarious adventure of "Hunt for Seva" – the scavenger hunt that will test your wits, unleash your inner detective, and have you laughing all the way to victory! Gather your intrepid crew, and let's dive into the hilarious hunt for hidden treasures.

Your ultimate goal? Collect a complete set of objects from various groups like the "Memory Maya," "Chariots of Faith," "Clash of Dynasty," and "Hindu Symbology." Get ready to encounter zany Masala Cards that will have you drawing, wearing blindfolds, or even swapping clues with the opposing team. It's an adventure filled with humor, camaraderie, and uproarious fun that will leave you wondering who will emerge as the victorious treasure hunters! 🕵️‍♂️🔍🏆

Maharathi Mayhem

"Maharathi Mayhem" is your ticket to a thrilling cosmic showdown where strategy, energy, and a sprinkle of luck will determine the fate of your warriors! The goal is crystal clear: vanquish all your opponents' warriors by choosing your attacks wisely and utilizing your energy reserves. 

So get ready with a notepad for a game of strategy and friendly competition, and brace yourself for a cosmic clash like no other in "Maharathi Mayhem," where only the shrewdest strategist will lead their warriors to victory! 🌌⚔️🏆

Bullseye Bazaar

Get ready for a carnival of chaos with "Bullseye Bazaar," the zaniest game in town. It's a riotous adventure that will put your communication skills, storytelling finesse, and lightning-quick thinking to the test. Here's the inside scoop on how the madness unfolds:

Your goal? Land those pom poms on the target and unleash uproarious action! Get pumped for an exciting game dealing with things from pompoms to poison.  So, grab your pom poms, take aim, and let the "Bullseye Bazaar" hilarity take center stage! 🎯🤪🎪

Floor Games 

"The GFS Open" where tennis meets hilarity in a balloon-filled showdown! Gather your racket-wielding prowess and your dice-rolling finesse as you compete in a wild tournament of balloon tennis. You'll serve, volley, and pop your way through epic matches. It's a fierce race to 5 points, and only the champions will take home the title and an unforgettable prize. Game, set, and match, GFS style!

"Potato Sack Fortune Frenzy" brings sack racing to a whole new level of karma chaos! Embark on a hilarious relay race, jumping your way through stations, passing those pesky sacks, and unveiling your destiny. The first team to triumph at the finish line will seize the coveted prize! It's a test of karma, camaraderie, and comic chaos. Ready, set, sack it up!

"Leap of Faith" is not your average hopping game – it's a spirited battle of virtues and vices where your quick thinking and nimble jumps will decide your fate. Amidst the tape-lined battleground, players listen intently as words related to virtues and vices are called out – from Diligence to Wrath. Hop until you are crowned as the ultimate virtuous victor! 🦘🤔🏆

In "Poison Pentagon Golf" you'll swing into action in a golf game like no other. The clock is ticking as each player strives to complete the challenge in record time. The first player to conquer all five cups with unparalleled accuracy and speed will be hailed as the Poison Pentagon Golf champion! 🏌️‍♂️⛳🏆


Aanya Gupta, Aari Gupta, Aarthi Palaniappan, Aarush Chowdhery, Aaryan Rupesh, Aashna Shah, Adhvaith Sreenivas, Adi Patnam, Adya Misra, Amrit Arora, Ankur Raghavan, Arjun Rajagopalan, Aryan Rishi, Ashka Shah, Bhuvi kumar, Devan Shah, Dhanvi Sharma, Dhanya Dhariwal, Dhruvi Kumar, Dylan Benedictus, Harshil Pipwala, Jash Mody, Jay Shah Jr, JayShah Sr, Krishiv Shah, Manu Agarwal, Meghna Venkatesh, Naren Ranganathan, Navya Agrawal, Neil Shah, Nikhil Peter, Nikita Kumar, Nishanth Naveen, Nitin Rajagopalan, Parv Shah, Pranav Mohankumar, Radha Gupta, Raghav bansal, Rahul A Kandukuri, Rishi Patnaik, Rohith Naveen, Saadhvi Prasad, Saahir Beotra, Saavin Bahl, Saisha Grover, Sameer Mohan, Samyuktha Iyer, Sanjana Iyer, Sanjana Kunam, Sanskriti Rathore, Sanvi Nair, Seva Kantu, Shreya Kedia, Shreya Vasudevan, Smera Gandhi, Soor J Patel, Tanishka Dhariwal, Tanvi Grover, Tara Visvanathan, Vedant Balani, Vishwa Vasudevan, Yana Dhingra

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