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‘The Acts’ ~ Itihasas & Puranas Jewel in the Crown Series

The simple ‘Acts’ of looking at the Ramayana in search of the wise sayings embedded in conversations, within the dramatic build up to the apocalyptic battle between Rama and Ravana, yields a treasure trove. As part of a Seva project we scoured the text and put together a crystal jewel of 50 quotation cards. That success and satisfaction led to our Quotation card series on RamayanActs, MahabharActs, Bhagavat PuranActs & PanchatantrActs ~ Jewels in the Crown! I have used them as prompts for handling Dharma Dilemmas, Debates, Discussion, Charades, Pictionary and many more acitvities. Here is a quick preview!

RamayanActs in the Product Store


MahabharActs in the Product Store


Bhagavat PuranActs in the Product Store


PanchtantrActs in the Product Store


Any ‘Acts’ deck or a combination can provide fresh insight into how to handle a dilemma. We have 2 sets of Dharma Dilemmas, set in the context of middle and high school situations.

Dharma Dilemmas in the Product Store-Set 1

Dharma Dilemmas in the Product Store-Set 2

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