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Ganga~River Rescue Getting Ready for Kickstarter

Games for Seva activities were always about creating value and embracing a strong socially conscious vision of how to live in this world of ours. What better way than sharing a world class game, in the spirit of play and friendship, while bringing awareness to the needs of our planet?

Lets face the hard truth that sharing is a lot of work and we are getting ready for our first Kickstarter gambit with an old fashioned backyard meet, greet, play and eat! Ancient traditions collide with COVID rules, so masks and hand sanitizers keep us safe!

Ganga-River Rescue is a dynamic game of strategy and chance. Set upon the mighty Ganga River, we must race to save its ecosystem which surrounds the Indo-Gangetic Plains. With the ever growing population of India, through this game we can act as advocates that speak out against current climate issues such as pollution and our negative interactions with the environment.

Start to build your ecosystem with a chain with a water source (river) or alluvial soil as its base card. Each card gives some background about the living unit, and so you must decide which cards to build upon the previous with this information. Sometimes, random events, such as a spreading epidemic or pollution of a river can have a detrimental effect on your ecosystem (oh no!), while our Action cards, such as recycling centers, help to rebuild the chain (yay!).

This game not only teaches us of the holiness of such sources of water, but of how they have blessed the Earth for all creatures to grow and thrive. However, all flourishment comes with a cost, just as we see in the environment today. Now, more than ever, is the time to make a transformative impact and save an ancient river and its civilization from self-destruction.

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