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Ganga On Kickstarter-The Final Sprint in 6 Steps

WE DID IT! One for the Entire GfS Team!

1. Wake up and Realize only 36 Hours left

Shake the Banyan Tree

2. Call to Action - Holler, Cajole, Drink bucket loads of Coffee

3. Realize Social Media is the Sleeping Giant

4. Believe in the Power of People, Purpose & Passion

5. Close the Deal with Unrelenting Persistence by EVERYONE!

6. Laugh, Cry, Unbelievable Spirit that 'WE DID IT'

What a Ride! Never dreamed that we would more than double our goal, with over $4000 raised in the last 36 hours! How did that happen? Lets start at the beginning.....

Last day of our campaign - our Call to Action in words

95 Minutes to go! And we made it to 10K! The incredible support for our precious world class board game, Ganga~River Rescue, is so very heart warming!

It has been the journey of Ganga herself, gushing from her source at Gaumukh, as in the launch of the Kickstarter in June.

Meandering through the valleys, giving life to flora and fauna, in measured steps, as in the months of June, July and August 2021, of our campaign.

Finally merging with the ocean, in a broad swath, which for us was the last 36 hours of frenzied activity, many positive disruptor forces, carrying us from a modest $6200 to beyond a blockbuster $10,000!!

We are over the moon to see that our game will be in so many hands!! You can be a part of this celebration! 95 minutes to go! Just do it! And make a pledge! #changebeginswithyou

36 Hours Before the End

Race to get the word out that there was a limited time to make a difference! Sheetal Rishi jumps in to take the reins to the finish line, giving us the thrills of a nail biting finish! Her golden words!

The words hit home reminding people that #Creativity #Culture #ClimateChange can totally start with a board game made with a collective intentionality.

The Power of personal Social Media Connections in full display - Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Phone calls, Twitter, deployed with a surge intensity

Thank You! From the Last Day!

We can end our day & campaign with this precious video. The philosophy behind the game is captured beautifully. As we approach the final mins - watch it and realize the difference you all made in every little way from the drawing board to a successful KS campaign! Our Games for Seva design team of youth, international designers, dreamers and production crew. Playtesters, deconstructers, SCAMPERers, Game Hosts, Pizza pick uppers, Samosa makers....the list goes on! Thank you for this wonderful community of change makers who believe! #changebeginswithyou

Our Amazing Team

  • Special Shout Out To The Class Of 2021 For Leadership and Mentoring

Aarya Agarwal, Haritha Lakshmanan, Khushi Shah, Krish Pamnani, Preesha Mody, Saniya Gaitonde, Sanjna Kedia, Shravan Desikan, and Tanya Shah

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