Game Design using SCAMPER – Bootcamp at AVG 2018

What a time we had with SCAMPER at our  ‘Creativity and Design’ Bootcamp this summer! In the sylvan surroundings of AVG, with birds chirping outside, a group of ferocious game designers tore apart game decks and created a brave new world. Thus was born 10 new games of which at least half could actually work! And what did they use for this monumental task?


In the world of creativity, fire is a symbol of creativity, the fire of neurons connecting in novel ways, pointing to a process that can produce something new. We took RamayanActs and converted it to a location specific improv opportunity. Karma Katch became a head on race to Deva~hood or Asura~hood. Dharma Dilemmas morphed into a Conversation starter domino game with potential for strange dead ends!

The idea was to take any deck game and come up with a challenge to apply creativity principles of Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify or Magnify, Put, Eliminate, Reverse or Rearrange (SCAMPER).

Click here for Design Resources on SCAMPER:

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