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5 Steps To Hosting a Virtual Game Community

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Nov 22nd, 2020 was our D-Day, launching another first by hosting a 'Holiday Game Blast. Connecting 30 Family Pods virtually was a NASA level project with personal coaching, game box deliveries, creating contests and giving our 2021 Kickstarter campaign a fireworks worthy start! Ganga~River Rescue only deserves our very best in enterprise and social innovation! Here are the steps we followed.

1 - Identify Game to be selected to bring people together

The delicious art work and living unit chains, Ganga riverbed cards, goals, actions and events all laid out would clearly be a feast for the eyes. Ganga~River Rescue!

2 - Coach Play Pods in GamePlay - In Person & Zoom

How do you get to win? Prepare, Play and collect your Points!

3 - Sign up Game Hosts, Invite Guests & Empower Youth

Lets face it. Getting people to host and rally around a date can cause the blood pressure to rise and lead to hand wringing on the purpose of life. Looking at the photos of folks around a table, playing Ganga~River Rescue with feverish competition made it all seem more than worthwhile. In fact, we see a total future in this pod based play. Who knows when the next pandemic could strike us?

4 - Create Contests and Announce Winners

We had so much fun creating the contests and our pods had a blast vying with each other to win. A picture speaks a 1000 words indeed!

5 - Distribute the Prizes

We had some amazing mugs made with a collage of all the Living Units from Ganga~River Rescue. And found out that people are loving drinking from the mug as it fills them with 'happiness'!!

Celebrate with a hot cup of Chai and spicy pakodas!

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