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Heritage Games & Activities
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We harness the creative forces in the our community to create games in the spirit of Seva. Our theme based games providing valuable resources for play, teaching and family bonding.

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What's New

'Values' Festival @ Arsha Vidya Gurukul

Our inaugural ‘Values’ Festival at AVG is a culmination and a beginning.


A culminating event in the spirit of offering at our beloved Arsha Vidya Gurukulam with fun Values based games, game design challenges, hosted by our youth and adults. These 'Values' are from the jewels embedded in the Bhagavad Gita, as Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna the glory of a Dharmic life. The games have been developed over the last 7 years, inspired by teachings at AVG by our Acharyas.


It is a beginning in the spirit of co-creation with our AVG community, to define what the future could look like. A future defined by collaboration that brings all involved closer, in understanding the spirit of Seva.

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